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Perimenopause and Menopause

Could you dedicate a whole episode to this? I know it's been talked about in some eps. But one specifically about HRT, benefits, dangers, and supplements that can get you through. I am 49 with no symptoms yet, except irregular periods. Is this something I should be considering soon? Is starting when symptoms appear the best choice? Or perhaps preventing the symptoms is more beneficial? Preventing instead of treating is what I would prefer. Thoughts? We hope to still have many productive years ahead of us, any help is appreciated.

Polyvagal Theory

Hi Andrew, I'd really appreciate your perspective on Stephen Porges polyvagal theory please? Anything you can contribute for a deeper understanding of this work. Thank you.

Cognitive Load Limits

I work as an attorney and a lot of people struggle with burnout/hitting their hours. Assuming everyone is taking care of themselves (big assumption), is there any "cognitive load" reasons as to why someone can work 2400 billable hours and other people only can work 1800 billable hours before burning out, or is it a mixture of training, enthusiasm for the work, rewards, intensity, etc.?

Science of successful treatments / services

Scientifically why are success rates of some service providers (psychologists, financial advisors, life coaches, physios etc all around 30-60%) when the science of habits, goal setting and knowledge in all these areas has drastically improved over the last few years On the opposite side end Surgeons are able to execute successful surgeries by 96%+ In business these kinds of success rates would mean an unsuccessful company So what do clients and providers need to do differently to increase the successful outcomes… what science why so low and is there any science to improve

Changing your identity

How/whether it affects goal achievement, to what extent it impacts achievement, how to do it, where the line is between changing your identity and being delusional (or is there a line :-)), best practices, etc.