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Protocol for Panic & Fear due to incidents (during and post)

Is there a protocol that is helpful for situations/circumstances when one panics and is required to have a clear head to make an instant and important decision? I am talking in cases of emergencies for example when there is a fire, or when you forget your passports in the hotel and need to rush back to get them before missing your flight. I find myself in situations where I struggle to keep a clear head to be able to quickly think of a plan. What ends up happening is that when the situation is resolved, I can feel the tension that’s been built up in my body and it’s a horrible feeling (nausea and general discomfort). Is there a protocol to alleviate those symptoms too?

Intelligence research

Without going to the controversy perhaps an episode can made on the topic of intelligence? Can we actually get smarter or are we mostly using what we are born with? There are tons of contradictory information on the topic and perhaps you can shed some light on it. Thank you and best regards :)

Fantastic advice

How do yo choose your guests.? ?

ADHD medications + other stimulants effects on dopamine

Hi Andrew, I was just wondering about combining ADHD medication with caffeine, as I have been a regular caffeine user for years even before my ADHD diagnosis as self medication, I'm now on Vyvanse for my ADHD and also continue to consume caffeine but, I was wondering with regards to dopamine, is the Vyvanse spiking or raising my baseline in dopamine and is also using caffeine with this having an affect also? I'm at a point where, like you said in a recent AMA about caffeine, I'm basically taking the Vyvanse and the caffeine to feel normal. I have significantly reduced dopamine stacking, activities and other things that evoke dopamine also which has helped but I don't want to rely on those two things to feel 'normal' or baseline functional. Thank you heaps for all the information and help you've given me and everyone else.

Combining Rodeola with cold immersion or wim hof breathing for immunity & focus

In your episode 18 from 5/2021 you talk about using cold or breathing to stimulate cortisol in order to strengthen the immune system or increase focus. At the same time, you mentioned that you want to do what you can to avoid the simultaneous stimulation of adrenaline in order to not spike anxiety. In a different podcast where you were talking with Tim Ferris, you mentioned that rodeola rosea works to suppress adrenaline. Could it be used in conjunction with the aforementioned cold/breathing techniques for more efficient boosting of immune system or focus?