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Commuting cycling risks from air pollution

Long time listener, first time asking a question! Recently in your discussion with Peter Attia, air pollution was raised as a key risk for brain and overall health. What’s your view on commuting cycling? I often smell diesel and other combustion engine exhaust fumes on my commutes. What precautions do you think someone should take? Thanks for all that you and your team do🙂

Maintaining well being being Coeliac

I’ve recently been diagnosed as Coeliac and I am adjusting to this diagnosis. I’m a fit 24 year old male living in Australia and this has been quite an adjustment, given a big diet shift and energy depletion. I’ve begun with some supplementation surrounding vitamin B12, which I’m low on. Do you have any tools or recommendations about how to adjust to this new lifestyle and how to accept that my body is slowly recovering? I’m a big runner and finding my recovery time / performance is depleted. Thanks for your guidance!

Immune system support for parents with small children?

Any suggestions for parents or care-givers who are constantly exposed to viruses from children? I am a 42-year-old mother of three young boys who are constantly brining colds and viruses home from school. Even though I consider myself to be extremely “healthy” and proactive, I always manage to pick up what my kids bring home, and oftentimes it takes me days to recover. During the school year this translates to me feeling some varying degree of sick or “run down” 1-2x a month. I have always exercised 5 days a week, eat well (protein, fruit, veggies, complex carbs, low sugar), follow your protocols for sunlight etc., and take supplements. When I feel something coming on, I up my zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and rest (as much as possible). Any advice on ways to avoid getting sick (what feels like) all of the time?


You talk a lot about PCOS, alternatively more and more women are suffering from Endo. What are some recommendations for natural ways (ie. Supplements, diet, environmental) interventions to manage hormones instead of birth control. We know elevated estrogen is the root cause. Does progesterone and testosterone levels play a role?

Baseline Dopamine

I have watched all episodes on dopamine and read Dopamine nation. You mentioned protocols for increasing baseline dopamine those include 1) cold water immersion ( two types really cold for short period, less cold for longer) 2) meditation 3) exercise Can you please provide a list of others protocols that will increase baseline. I have been careful to avoid stacking. But I want to have specifically more tools to “get me out of the trough” One of my additional questions is if I have been doing certain protocols for some time (eg. cold immersion and exercise ) will they will still help build up my baseline? And if I have gotten accustomed to them then does that mean they will not be as good a “go to”to get out of the “trough. You mentioned that the “steepness”of getting out of the trough can you get back to baseline faster especially for people (like me) that can have problems with procrastination and doing things dont want to do If you can please provide additional protocols that you know work or how to adjust protocols that we do use but that maybe we are getting too accustomed to so they are not as “painful “as they used to be (ie getting accustomed to the cold water) in order to help get out of the trough Thank you