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Airway Training

If there were a way to train the airway to extremely robust levels say within 2-3 minutes with zero equipment needed, would you be interested in such a technology? The end result is the airway remains patent almost no matter what.

Asking for Advice

Hello i was hoping for some advice, i work 4 on 4 off 2 day shifts then 2 night shifts i was wondering what your opinion on how i should eat and sleep around this shift pattern for optimal health and performance

My Son suffers from full adrenal crisis and hypopituitarism after a Pituitary tumor was removed. We need help.

Dr. Huberman my son is treated an Lucille Packard children's hospital at Stanford for a craniopharyngioma that was removed by Dr. Manuel-Fernandez two years ago. The tumor has not returned but unfortunately he has lost the use of his pituitary gland as a result. Though initially we were hopeful cause Dr, Fernandez was able to save a small sliver of his pituitary stalk. We are under current care for Endocrinology at Lucille Packard. As you are aware his condition is pretty rare and we are struggling to find any resources or specialist that can help improve his situation. He is currently on thyroid medication (levothyroxine) , steroids (hydrocortisone) Desmopressin, HGh (Nutropin) , Testosterone and he has to carry around an emergency dose of Hydro solu-cortef in case he goes man down . He is very run down and always tired . He is gaining excessive weight despite a strict diet of reducing sodium and and excess sugars. He gets on average 9- 10 hours of sleep every night. He is very sensitive to any excessive heat especially in the sun. His desmopressin dose is always varying and hard to manage . He drinks close to a gallon of water a day. There is just nothing out there for us to help improve his condition. Is this the life he is destined to live or is there anything we can change or pursue to improve his situation.

Testosterone Levels in competitive athletes vs. the average adult

what are normal/average levels of testosterone amongst males and females and how do they compare to levels in high level athletes?

Why does anxiety increase in the evening, and why do things seem better in the morning?

Since childhood, I've felt a low level anxiety in the evening. However, the vast majority of the time, the next morning, I feel better able to cope with whatever was causing me anxiety the night before. What might cause anxiety to rise towards the end of the day, and what is it about sleep that removes it? Thanks!