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Thoughts on Tua

Thoughts on Tua and NFL concussion protocols?

Does coughing disrupt self-hypnosis, NDSR/Yoga Nidra or Meditation?

when coughing I find it can be disruptive to the whole ‘relax’ mindset

Best productivity method, To Do list or Timeblocking everything on a calendar?

Cross episode index

It would be great to provide a cross episode index - not of every passing mention, but where the topic was discussed to some extent. It should have a topic, episode name, and link to the specific place within the episode where it was discussed. And I'd bet this would pay for itself with the increase in subscribers you'd get.

OCD and the Bergen 4 day method for treatment

What are your thoughts on the OCD treatment, the Bergen 4 day method? Dr. Brandt might be an interesting guest on your show.