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Working Memory

I used to be able to hold three to four concepts in my mind, manipulate them, compare them, and come to some sort of conclusion (action, decision, understanding, analysis etc.). I used to be able to “search” my brain for answers, tapping into previous knowledge and projecting out multiple possible answer scenarios. A concussion, years of sleep issues, and a horrific exit from adderall later, these skills are largely gone. These skills brought me joy and I want them back. What is working memory, what are the mechanisms, and how can we get more of it? Perhaps it’s a full episode or two. Thank you for everything you and your team do for the world and for science. We are so lucky.

Where to look during sunlight viewing

I know that we should never look directly at the sun. But during morning and afternoon sunlight viewing, where do we look? Up at the sky? And towards the sun, with the sun in our peripheral vision?

PEMF (Pulsed Electric Magnetic Fields)

How does this work with ATP, circulation and learning (brainwave entrainment, etc)

Neurofeedback Therapy

Does Neuro feedback therapy work?

ADHD in Women

How does ADHD present differently for women?