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Please do a full episode on Menopause. Please include info on Testosterone treatment for menopausal women who develop low sex drive during menopause due to drop in Testosterone. (It appears that my HRT is increasing my SHGB which binds to my Testosterone and leave me with less free Testosterone and so my Free Testosterone was near 0 (with my sex drive) before using the Testosterone cream. I'm not sure if the Testosterone cream is available or women tin the US... it is here in Australia. I would like to understand more about the effects of using Testosterone as well as more nuanced info about HRT. Some people are suggesting it is useful to stay on Oestrogen after menopause symptoms have passed, to offer increased health long term... so little information on this.

NMN Supplement

Is it safe for women over 60 to take NMN.

Neurofeedback Treatment

Can you talk about evidence based protocols for treating ADHD and Insomnia

For women who eat birth control, is any supplement to help decreased sex drive?

The hormones in birth control pills may lead to decreased sex drive, is there any supplement can help?

women's hormones variation within a period cycle

Can you talk about how women's hormones change within a period cycle? And how to optimize life quality according to it?