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Aphantasia is "the inability to voluntarily create mental images in one's mind." Are you aware of research into how having this condition affects the ability to be hypnotised or to participate in guided meditations that use visual imagery cues?

Resveritrol and longevity supplements

There seems to be a lot of conjecture around some of the current popular longevity supplements like Resveritrol. For example Resveritol seems to reduce DHT conversion similar to tumeric and now there is debate if it even works for the purposes of anti aging. Would love your input on this subject

Options for someone who continuously relapses back into addiction.

Are there any recommendations for a 30 something female who continues to relapse into opioid use (most likely substance, but who knows). It seems very likely that she will end up taking her own life. Consider that she has been relocated to a new environment, has employment opportunity, yet stumbles back into the same patterns. Are there any experimental substances worth considering (e.g. Ketamine, etc.).

Protocol to increase the ability to articulate thoughts into words

What would an effective protocol look like that aims to increase the ability to articulate thoughts into words? Specifically helping with tip of tongue syndrome and reducing the fumbling of thoughts and ideas when attempting to express something verbally.


There is a lot of mixed information out there about adaptogens, like Ashwagandha. What does the scientific evidence say about adaptogens and their ability to mediate the bodies stress response? Is there any solid evidence that it has an affect on neurotransmitters or the HPA?