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Hope I can see transcription for all episodes

There are some missing episodes

Gut micro

How would one go about resetting the gut microbiom?


Is there any way to stop bruxism? Is it a psychological problem?

How much electrolytes does one need take in order to offset caffeine related imbalances?

I notice a stark decline in mental ability when consuming high levels of caffeine. Drinking salted water helps - for awhile. Then it’s out the downward hatch. How much salt does one need to drink to prevent electrolyte imbalances when caffeinated? I only notice this when I consume more than the average amount of coffee.

Is there a biological reason why negative emotions naturally level out?

Grief, anger, despair, sadness, frustration, hopelessness, bitterness. Why can one feel any of these emotions for days and then eventually feel better even if circumstances have not changed, or there has been no lack of progress mentally to address or process those negative feelings? Are there hormones connected to negative emotions like the "happy" hormones with positive emotions? (This is, of course, assuming that a person does not have depression etc).