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Age-related macular degeneration prevention

Is there anything one can do do prevent age-related macular degeneration? I had a genetic test done and it doesn't look good... (two copies of a variant detected in the CFH gene and one copy of a variant detected in the ARMS2 gene). Thank you so much for the work that you do! It really helps :)

Blue blocker glasses - should we be wearing them?

Do blue blocker lens offer protection for eyes if using computers and phones, watching TV etc.? If they are worn, do they impact getting sufficient light into the eyes throughout the day? Thank you.

Morning light exposure

Does wearing eyeglasses (I have blue light reflecting lenses to boot) or contact lenses impact the effects of morning sunlight exposure? In other words, are the effects of morning light exposure optimized by having your eyes "naked" so to speak?

Blue Light Glasses for evening

Do blue light glasses work?

Is fasting truly good for you?

Hello, would like to hear your thoughts on the recently published paper It seems that fasting in the long run isn't that good after all ?!