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Infrared Sauna

Hi there, I was wondering if you could talk about whether infrared sauna has the same benefits of a more traditional sauna. I know they don’t get as hot but wonder if you just stay in longer if it would have the same benefits? I bought one to help with my joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis and wondering if it doesn’t even work. Thank you so much! Love your podcast! (I’m a therapist and recommend your podcast often to clients as an aside)

Is it ok to use Kratom daily?

I came across kratom a few years ago and have been using it regularly in place of stimulants like coffee. I've notice I also really like the mood lift, in addition to the energy lift. Its not the end of the world when I don't use it, but I prefer to use it. I read a few weeks ago about a lawsuit in the Bay Area (an addict said a drink with Kratom in it made him fall off the wagon after 7 years sobriety), and it made me wonder if there might be something unhealthy about using it. Can you clear this up? What are the potential negative effects of using it regularly? Is using it doing anything to my natural abilities to produce feel-good chemicals like dopamine? I'd love a balanced perspective on this, like your podcasts on alcohol, nicotine, etc.


Effects and log term use effects of Kratom?


Can you discuss how journaling can impact us from a neurological level and how to apply it for goals, habits, growth. Frequency of journaling. Time of day/ week. Hand writing vs typing in a computer.

What is Kratom?

How does it work and is it beneficial or bad for you?