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Everything about kratom. Pros, cons. What it does to humans. Kinda like the alcohol episode

Pros & Cons of Daily Caffeine Consumption

Hello Dr. Huberman. I am unable to determine if caffeine consumption is having a net positive impact on my life. I understand the benefits (increased dopamine receptor density, increased alertness, etc...) but after a few weeks of consumption, the negatives start to outweigh the positive ones (poor quality sleep, lack of appetite, anxiety, etc...). When I don't consume caffeine, I find it a lot easier to be mindful and my meditation practice is much better, but I am lethargic and less motivated. For years I have been "on and off" caffeine and I can't determine which is better. What is your opinion on the net benefit of daily caffeine consumption and how can someone determine if daily caffeine consumption is right for them?

Caffeine and the Gut Microbiome

Can caffeine have a detrimental effect on the gut microbiome? If so, under what conditions is this exacerbated (fasted, caffeine pill vs coffee, yerba mate etc)? Thanks for everything!

Effects of Social Isolation

Is there any research that goes into depth on the effects of social isolation and loneliness? I know you talked about tachykinin in the past but I'm wondering if people that are shut-ins for very long periods of time undergo neurologic changes that make it very difficult for them to assimilate back into society.

What are some ways of recovering/resetting from decision fatigue?

What are some ways of recovering/resetting from decision fatigue? Would NSDR help? Both the nervous system and brain seem to be affected by decision fatigue. This comes from the context of having to do lots of tiny decisions as a photographer, for example, sorting through photos in the editing process.