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Is it possible to get a cold/sick from deliberate cold exposure?

I've seen tremendous benefits from deliberate cold exposure -- clarity of thought, non-jittery alertness, peaceful mood, curiosity, so much! But I've also experienced at least one time (even before doing the deliberate cold exposure) that cold can give me sore throat or even cold like symptoms. Is this a possible side effect? what might the reasons be -- especially when doing cold exposure **inside in a clean disinfected home**? what is the effect of cold exposure in the immune system?

Experiments you’d like to undertake

Andrew, Firstly a huge thank you for the outstanding information and passion you have for education it’s inspiring! My question is what is an experiment you’d like to undertake in regard to physical and mental performance? Do you have any theories you’d like to explore or are there any things you’re currently implementing into your daily routine that you’ve not previously discussed? Happy to be a lab rat to test (anecdotally) any potential optimising tools/methods in my daily life! Thanks, Nick

Cold showers when sick

Since cold showers have a positive effect on the immune system, are they good idea for someone with a cold, the flu, mild Covid, etc.?

but how about increasing REM sleep

you talked about ways to increase deep sleep but, besides the obvious avoiding alcohol and caffeine, what can you do to increase your percentage of REM sleep?

Tips to improve REM specifically

I am interested in improving my REM sleep specifically. My sleep at the first half of the night is always good, the second half of the night is however hit or miss. Any techniques to address that? I have used Reveri at times, but have not incorporated it as an everyday practice. Would this improve its efficacy in improving REM sleep?