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When will you do an episode on migraine treatments?

I have several friends that suffer from chronic migraines and seem to have trouble finding effective treatment.

migraine and other related headache

I would love to watch an episode covering subject of migraine and other related headaches. Where do they come from, what do we know today about possible prevention, where are we (hehe) heading? As a person with many years of a regular, one-sided headaches and after unsuccessful treatments with local doctors I would love to hear some recent scientific data, possibly helping me prevent the pain in the future.

Migraine Headaches

I was wondering if you could do an episode on migraine headaches and chronic migraine. Are there any new studies that you could tell us about that shed light on the cause of migraines? Are there any studies that show protocols or supplements to prevent migraines or ease the pain associated with them? New treatments? Could you talk about about migraine aura? I’d also love to hear about the link between migraines and mental health. Thank you!

Hormones with PCOS

I really enjoyed your podcast on Hormones - thank you! I suffer from PCOS, which makes it hard to regulate hormones. I would love to hear any tips you might have for people with PCOS. Thanks!!

What about women’s hormones?

Can we get a deep dive on women’s health/hormones/menstrual cycle? The topic deserves its own episode given the complexity and how impactful female hormones can be on vitality. I think your male following would benefit to learn as well. The podcast tends to focus more on men’s health (reasonably as there is more data on men but still) Please please please do the ladies a favor & give us an episode!