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Could you dedicate an entire episode or series of episodes to women's health?

Specifically, menstrual cycle health and optimization as related to cognitive performance an entire episode on PCOS (expanding on the material from the episode with Dr. Kyle Gillett would be *amazing*) optimizing female fertility

How do we build focus?

Focus - what are the main factors influencing the lack of focus. How do we build focus? And what approach/metodology can we use to build focus?

Creatine and Aging

What is you view of the use of creatine in aging minds and bodies? Is there a dosage at which it becomes more effective? Is it unhealthy for young people, if so at what age?

Potential risks of Bluetooth earbuds ?

Hi Andrew ! I’d love to know your read of the literature on potential risks of heavy use of wireless earbuds. You mentioned recently that you use wired headphones which led me to suspect that you have some reason to avoid wireless earbuds. (I wear Bluetooth earbuds up to 10 hours per day. I find it helps me to focus on tasks.) P.S. Thank you for your work to share science with the public. I’ve been listening since episode #1, and t what I’ve learned has empowered me to leverage myself out of chronic sleep and mood disorders. Life changing !

Cognitive Load Limits

I work as an attorney and a lot of people struggle with burnout/hitting their hours. Assuming everyone is taking care of themselves (big assumption), is there any "cognitive load" reasons as to why someone can work 2400 billable hours and other people only can work 1800 billable hours before burning out, or is it a mixture of training, enthusiasm for the work, rewards, intensity, etc.?