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Sam Harris

Could you please reach out to have Sam Harris on a podcast! The topic could be focused around the mind and meditation with a sprinkle of questions on; - his view on philosophy that is based on science providing the direction, - what is a ‘self’ - free will not existing - his pledge for % of income to help others and the effect of philanthropy and good will on the mind etc. Would be an incredible podcast!

Dynamic Stretching Frequency

If you work at a desk, is it better to do shorter bouts of dynamic stretching more frequently throughout the day rather than doing it longer but multiple times per week. (I've listened to your Podcast episode on Stretching Protocols, and this question popped into my head).

Waking up in the Dark

What can we do when we wake up early in the morning before the sun is up and we can’t benefit of the direct sunlight exposure for a better wake up and the to help the circadian rhythm?

Sugar cravings

You’ve mentioned that you’ve all but completely lost the taste for sugar- any tips for those of us raiding the cookie jar on a nightly basis? I eat healthy all day long, but the evening comes and torpedos my willpower. Thanks Dr. Huberman!

Protein Intake

I listen to both The Drive podcast by Dr Peter Attia and Lifespan by Prof David Sinclair. And I found they offer what seem to me contradiction with regard to protein intake for longevity. Prof Sinclair suggests a lower protein/vegetarian diet in combination with TRF to lower mTOR while Dr Attia suggests a higher protein diet (2g/kg of lean mass) and said in one of the AMA that it is impossible to utilize all 150g of protein in one sitting for muscle protein synthesis. Can you provide your view on this area? Thank you very much