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Studying routine

Hi Andrew, what is your studying routine? Which tools do You use (free recall, Feynman technique, etc.)?

Increasing deep sleep

I have a sleep analyzer and I typically observe that I get a lot of REM sleep (~30% of total sleep) but my deep sleep is often low (~10%). Are there any science backed protocols I can use to specifically increase my deep sleep? Secondly, is this high level of REM and lower level of deep sleep likely to cause any health issues?

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Hi Andrew, knowing all you know now - what advice would you give to your 25-30 year-old self? (eg what protocols to adopt) Can relate to anything we've seen so far in Huberman Lab episodes or new topics.

Protocols with Aging

Do recommendations and protocols you give change with age (beyond 60)?

Seed Oils and Metabolic Disease

Does linoleic acid and its metabolites lead to chronic (or acute) metabolic/mitochondrial dysfunction?