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Effects of Concussion on the Brain

How does a concussion from a direct impact to the head effect the brain and what are the best things one can do to speed up the recovery?


Things to do to lesson jetlag

Jet Lag

Based on your expertise, what are the most effective strategies for combating jet lag and efficiently realigning our circadian rhythm to a new time zone? Are there specific practices, timing for light exposure, supplements, or sleep hygiene tips you recommend to expedite this adjustment and minimize the negative impacts of time zone changes on our bodies? Best, Simon Burger (Munich)

European Tour?

hi im a long time fan and have found much guidance and help in your podcast and i would love to listen/see to you live! any chance of a European tour anytime soon?

Why does the sun make me sneeze?

When I view bright light like the sun (could be less bright), I always sneeze upon the initial viewing of the light.