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Best productivity method, To Do list or Timeblocking everything on a calendar?

Morning Routine for worker 8am to 5pm

Whats the best Morning Tools to do, I wake up at 6-6.30 and go to work at 8 am. I workout after office at 5.30pm. Go to sleep at 11pm. I think this is the major corporate workers. Thx you.

What do you do when you live in a northern climate and the sun doesn't rise until hours after you are up? (Daylight savings question)

I live in northern Canada.... for parts of the year we see very little sunlight. How can we help our circadian rhythms/sleep if we can't get into sunlight until literally hours after we get up? (I definitely have more energy in the spring/summer/fall months - seasonal depression is definitely a thing). Also, what about time changes? I feel like our time changes always make me feel so much worse. Last fall we actually had a provincial vote on whether to abandon the time changes, but there was only the option to adopt one of the changes, not select between either. Is daylight savings better or not? If we got rid of the time change, which time should we keep (biologically speaking)?

Zone 2 Training?

I have questions on Zone 2 training. I am a lifelong exerciser (just turned 60!!) and I would love for you to put out a sample of what a "normal" week of exercise looks like when doing the right dose of Zone 2 training. I've read articles about it but I still have questions. I am always amazed at how well you can explain things in a way that a lay person can understand. Thanks.

Neuroplasticity and dementias (Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinsons) — Protocols for protecting the brain?

Hello! Thank you so much for all the excellent content you and your team do. I am researching into dementias — alzheimer's, MS, Parkinsons.. and I would truly appreciate if you could dedicate a podcast episode to talk about what is known on dementias.. some of the latest research suggests that it may be an auto-immune response, and some suggest steering away from amyloid plaques... Personally, both my grandmother have passed away from Alzheimer's.. I know there is a gene that increases the probability of Alzheimer's.. are there any lifetime protocols that could "protect us" or at least reduce the probability of Alzheimer's developing? (and other dementias of course) Thank you again!