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How do you use Ultradian Cycles in your daily work?

You've mentioned before that you try to include at least 1 90 minute focus block per day as part of your work and overall mission. What is your max number of blocks you can perform sustainably? Do you take vacations or extended breaks? If you knew you needed to drastically increase the amount of focus you do daily, how would you schedule that focus and recover from it? Thank YOU for your interest in science!


What are the benefits of meditation proven by neuroscience?

Toolkit For Fitness.

Hi. I am a recent subscriber. Would you please tell n my r where Ai can find Toolkit For Fitness on your website. Appreciate it. Catherine Morgan

Meditation episode

Would be nice to have an episode reviewing the literature on different meditation practices (e.g. mindfulness, open monitoring, focused attention, loving kindness...) to see what works and how they can be implemented.