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Do you have book recommendations?

What good books can people read to build healthy habits and improve themselves? Do you know of or consider Deep Work by Cal Newport a good resource?

Live show in Austin

Are you planning to do a live show in Austin, TX soon?


What is the easiest one to get and is there any reason you would be denied getting one? I was told no in person once, because I didn't have blood work was prediabetic though. So not sure what the requirements are or if this was just a picky doctor maybe? I think it'd help a lot for my situation. Thanks a lot!

Best instrument to measure VO2 max

I want to measure my progress in building VO2 max. What instruments do you recommend, outside of a laboratory setting...THANKS


Any plans to train up a HubermanLLM with all your content, and the cited articles / reearch? While we all love the X hour long deep dives, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who wants to query across all your content and get a synthesized, pithy set of clips, citations and action steps. (If you need a small coding team to pull this off, and an investor, ping me!)