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Live Events 2024

I see that you are in Australia February 2024. Do you have other speaking engagements that are open to the public in 2024? I would like to attend.

Caffeine and study

You recommend caffeine for focus but say that we shouldn't ingest it after say 12 noon. Is there a way to use caffeine for evening study?

Does cold weather really make you sick?

As I've been doing more deliberate cold water exposure, I've also wondered about the benefits of cold weather exposure - i.e. not wearing a jacket when I'm out and about in the cold. Similarly, I've wondered if I really need to bundle up my young children to go play outside if there are benefits to cold exposure. However, there's a pretty common understanding that cold weather can make you sick. Is this true, or just an old wives' tale?

Wim Hof Breathing and sickness

You mentioned that if you feel a sore throat coming on that you would do the Wim Hoff breathing Protocol, is there any benifit to doing it on a daily basis or just when required or feeling poorly.

Sleep system

How do I reach the sponsor with the cooling sleep system??