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Music: perception, neural networks activation, motivation and mood

Dear Andrew Huberman, We know you love Rancid, which is an awesome punk rock band :) Music is a potent source impacting mood and motivation. Could you speak about this area of human creativity? Specifically (maybe you could answer one or some of the questions of your choice): 1. How is sound perception at different frequency ranges in humans related to emotional states? Does a combination of specific notes into phrases activate the limbic system in a predetermined way? For example, how is the amygdala activation inhibited by sounds in order to affect various mental states? 2. Can music be used for therapeutic purposes? Are there studies about the influence of melody on neural networks integration? 3. Is there a relation between playing music (fine motor skills, activation of multiple brain areas) and aging of the brain? 4. What does the choice of a certain musical style speak about a person? Thanks a lot, Sir, for your impact on so many people around the world :) Alex

Keto relationship with alcohol poisoning

Dr. Huberman, In one of your resent episodes you mentioned that people who are following a Ketogenic diet have a higher likelihood of alcohol poisoning. Can you discuss more as to the mechanism of this relationship and why it exists?

Foot Cramps

I get severe foot cramps in both feet. Mostly this occurs when swimming freestyle, sleeping, or when I flex my foot down. I had my colon removed due to colitis and have an ileostomy. Without a colon, absorption of electrolytes is disrupted, and I lose a lot of fluids/electrolytes through the ileostomy, much like having diarrhea. Since I had the ileostomy surgery done twice due to issues with the first one, my terminal ileum is much shorter than normal. I drink 2-3 LMNTs a day. I recently read that magnesium deficiency may play a role in foot cramps. Can you speak to the role magnesium plays in muscle cramps and which type of magnesium I should take?

Seasonal circadian clock

Dr. Huberman, I live in Toronto where daylight ranges from 9 to 15.5 hours depending on the season. For 5 months of the year, sunset is between 8 and 9 pm. At other times, it's before 5 pm. If I view the sunrise and sunsets at these varying times, as best as possible, what else should be changing seasonally to optimize energy and wellbeing?

Zone 2 Cardio with weightlifting

I would like to get in 150-180 Minutes of zone 2 cardio/week, and have noticed that I usually spend approx. 30 minutes in zone 2 during my weightlifting sessions. Does this type of zone 2 "cardio" have the same effect as getting in that zone during a steady state activity such as running? I struggle a lot with hitting zone 2 while running or other SS activtties, as I usually spend most of the time in zone 3/4 - is this ok or would I better be off running much slower? (My goal atm is to increase my ability to run for longer periods as I would like to hit 40km at some point this year, while maintaining as much strength/muscle mass as possible)