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What is the verdict on soy?

For healthy females and males, is there a version of soy that should be enjoyed? For example, I am asking specifically about a single ingredient, organic soymilk, edamame, or proper tofu (not processed or modified foods). If there is a reason to avoid soy, for who and why? Thanks!

Morning protein metabolism

If I get only protein as soon as I wake up and work out, will any of it get get burned for energy or will I use the stored glycogen first? I usually drink a whey protein shake with caffeine, creatine, extra leucine and maybe some beta alanine when doing muscular endurance. I'm not sure about the order of energy sources used or if there is overlap: ingested protein, muscle/liver glycogen, adipose fast.

EMS (Electromyostimulation)

Is EMS Training effective?

Music: perception, neural networks activation, motivation and mood

Dear Andrew Huberman, We know you love Rancid, which is an awesome punk rock band :) Music is a potent source impacting mood and motivation. Could you speak about this area of human creativity? Specifically (maybe you could answer one or some of the questions of your choice): 1. How is sound perception at different frequency ranges in humans related to emotional states? Does a combination of specific notes into phrases activate the limbic system in a predetermined way? For example, how is the amygdala activation inhibited by sounds in order to affect various mental states? 2. Can music be used for therapeutic purposes? Are there studies about the influence of melody on neural networks integration? 3. Is there a relation between playing music (fine motor skills, activation of multiple brain areas) and aging of the brain? 4. What does the choice of a certain musical style speak about a person? Thanks a lot, Sir, for your impact on so many people around the world :) Alex

Keto relationship with alcohol poisoning

Dr. Huberman, In one of your resent episodes you mentioned that people who are following a Ketogenic diet have a higher likelihood of alcohol poisoning. Can you discuss more as to the mechanism of this relationship and why it exists?