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Foot Cramps

I get severe foot cramps in both feet. Mostly this occurs when swimming freestyle, sleeping, or when I flex my foot down. I had my colon removed due to colitis and have an ileostomy. Without a colon, absorption of electrolytes is disrupted, and I lose a lot of fluids/electrolytes through the ileostomy, much like having diarrhea. Since I had the ileostomy surgery done twice due to issues with the first one, my terminal ileum is much shorter than normal. I drink 2-3 LMNTs a day. I recently read that magnesium deficiency may play a role in foot cramps. Can you speak to the role magnesium plays in muscle cramps and which type of magnesium I should take?

Seasonal circadian clock

Dr. Huberman, I live in Toronto where daylight ranges from 9 to 15.5 hours depending on the season. For 5 months of the year, sunset is between 8 and 9 pm. At other times, it's before 5 pm. If I view the sunrise and sunsets at these varying times, as best as possible, what else should be changing seasonally to optimize energy and wellbeing?

Zone 2 Cardio with weightlifting

I would like to get in 150-180 Minutes of zone 2 cardio/week, and have noticed that I usually spend approx. 30 minutes in zone 2 during my weightlifting sessions. Does this type of zone 2 "cardio" have the same effect as getting in that zone during a steady state activity such as running? I struggle a lot with hitting zone 2 while running or other SS activtties, as I usually spend most of the time in zone 3/4 - is this ok or would I better be off running much slower? (My goal atm is to increase my ability to run for longer periods as I would like to hit 40km at some point this year, while maintaining as much strength/muscle mass as possible)

Visual Focus Precedes Mental Focus

How does your focus alter if your vision is impaired? (scared cornea/torn iris)

Best Breathing Recovery Position

What is the best body position for getting maximal oxygen uptake post a stint of high intensity cardio. Haunched over V Neutral V Hands above head.