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Visual Focus Precedes Mental Focus

How does your focus alter if your vision is impaired? (scared cornea/torn iris)

Best Breathing Recovery Position

What is the best body position for getting maximal oxygen uptake post a stint of high intensity cardio. Haunched over V Neutral V Hands above head.

toxins and health

Several podcast interviews, including Dr. Gottfried, mention the impact of environmental toxins on all aspects of health (endorcrine, gut, brain, etc). I was wondering what evidence there is for specific types of toxins in our environment for increasing risk for autoimmune disorders, endocrine, reproductive, cancers, etc. I have tried to limit these as much as possible in our family's cleaning supplies, body products, food, materials, etc., but I also feel there's only so much I can do. At the same time, I hear more and more about exposures to these "poisons" and I worry about future generations AND I also don't want to develop health anxiety. What evidence is there and what are your general guidelines and suggestions for limiting?

If you were buying a made-to-order home, what health-boosting ideas would you incorporate in the design?

I ask because I’m in this situation now and would like to choose a design that covers as much as possible from the start. So far, I plan on installing a dry sauna, cold plunge, and some bars to hang from in several spots around the house. I’m curious what you would add to this. Is it important to choose non-VOC materials, etc. too? Thanks for your input!

Impact of SSRI usage in the long term

What impact (if any) do SSRI's have on health in the long term? And can you see an impact once you come off of them?