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dealing with bad night's sleep

In case of bad night's sleep, should I get up at my usual waking time anyway or rather try to get some extra time in bed that morning if I can?

Working Memory

I used to be able to hold three to four concepts in my mind, manipulate them, compare them, and come to some sort of conclusion (action, decision, understanding, analysis etc.). I used to be able to “search” my brain for answers, tapping into previous knowledge and projecting out multiple possible answer scenarios. A concussion, years of sleep issues, and a horrific exit from adderall later, these skills are largely gone. These skills brought me joy and I want them back. What is working memory, what are the mechanisms, and how can we get more of it? Perhaps it’s a full episode or two. Thank you for everything you and your team do for the world and for science. We are so lucky.

Brain Fog - how to identify it, its causes & remedies?

What are the tele-tale symptoms to identify Brain Fog? What are the most common causes & remedies for it? If any nutritional deficiency is the reason, are their any supplements that can help? If one has all the blood bio-markers within healthy range, no physical fatigue post workout but still find trouble concentrating on mental tasks, what protocols can one follow to improve the concentration & focus?

Brain fog

Could you address the causes and treatments for brain fog (in addition to your mention of probiotics sometimes causing brain fog)?

"Brain Fog"

In a recent episode you mentioned that taking too many probiotics can lead to "brain fog." This is a condition that a lot of people seem to suffer from, but is so ill-defined it's hard to know what it is exactly (or if it is even real). Are you aware of any studies on brain fog, potential causes (other than probiotics) and potential treatments? Thank you!