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How to improve and best manage allergic rhinitis and constant nose inflamation triggered?

Hello! What is your recommendation on the best way to treat and/or manage allergic rhinitis and constant nose inflammation? There are people, like me, who are allergic to different kind of pollens, or dust mites, and have all year round symptoms of allergic rhinitis. I even have to deal with nasal polyps. Can you recommend any approach to reduce the affect of allergens on the nose ? I understand that once you have nasal polyps you're looking at surgery every ten years (at best) if you can't somehow reduce the constant inflammation.

DMT in the Human Body

How does the brain produce DMT?


Hi, I need more sleep, I feel that my nervous system is very “emotional” since I started to see what is my mission on this earth. I like what I do so much. But sometimes I have to come back to reality and just “normal” eat/sleep life. I bought L-Theanine but I think I need something more. Yoga.. deep non sleep meditation.. maybe something else? I really need more sleep than 3 hours per night. I hope you can feel me and maybe give me a hand. Thanx. ZzzZzzzz 💜🐨

Creatine and Protein Affecting Blood Markers: Good Or Bad?

I've been taking 3-5g of Creatine Monohydrate and 25g (1 scoop) of plant based protein per day. Recently I had a full blood count test and discovered that my BUN and Creatinine levels were elevated. After researching why, I found that the daily creatine and protein I'm taking is the cause. The doctor said to reduce my intake and drink more water. I stopped entirely and I went from 21 BUN to 16 in a week. So my question is, should I be worried about BUN and Creatinine on my FBC and ignore it when it flags up as high on my test?

Cold Exposure and Rheumatism

Dear Dr Huberman and Huberman team, Thank you for the all your hard work and dedication to make peoples lives easier and happier with science based tools. My family members and I significantly improved our life quality by following your advices and protocols :) Lately, it has been a lot of discussion on cold exposure on Huberman Lab podcast. Cold exposures, as I understood from one of your first episodes on cold, help lowering stress. You also mentioned that this was possible to achieve by certain breathing exercises, which is what I preferred over cold exposure. My partner and I live in Norway, and one of the things we do for living is escapology-long breath holds. We perform on TV all over the world. We hold our breaths between 4-8 minutes on stage, where off stage, while sitting still, our records are 7 and 11 minutes. I am one of those people who dreads cold (especially because of my rheumatism) and I am in general very cold even though I do cardio, yoga and resistance training 6 days a week since I was 18 years old (I am 31 now). I also do deliberate heat exposures in sauna, almost on a daily basis. However, after listening to all your podcasts lately, it became clear to me that breath holds are not a good replacement for cold exposures given all the other benefits which cold exposures offers. Hence, my question to you is: Do you know anything about deliberate cold exposures in people with rheumatism? Namely, every time my hands, knees or feet were exposed to cold, my joints were in considerable pain. Do the benefits of cold exposure outweigh the pains, or is it possible that cold exposure makes my rheumatism worse in a long run? I have looked at the few studies such as "Thermotherapy of Pain, Trauma, and Inflammatory and Degenerative Rheumatic Diseases" by Klaus L. Schmidt & Eckhart Simon but I did not find it very helpful, it seemed very inconclusive. Also, they claim that "Acute pain mostly responds favorably to local cold applications", which was not my experience. Perhaps I just don´t know how to interpret their paper, I have a degree in social science and know very little about medicine. Any info you may have will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and again, thanks for sharing your immense knowledge with us commoners :) Kind regards from Trondheim, Norway Melanie Simic