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Whoop Shows Negative Recovery

Certain recommended protocols consistently decrease my Whoop recovery scores. For me this includes, cold exposure, morning light exposure, morning Artograph light exposure, and Omega 3s. Any idea why these erstwhile beneficial practices seem to do me more harm than good?

Cyclic Hyperventilation Protocol for Immunity

You mentioned cyclic hyperventilation as a way to boost immunity. Any suggestions on frequency, duration, etc. when trying to combat an impending illness?

Vitreous detachment with severe visual disturbances in 37 yr old female

Hi! My question is: Are there treatments or supplements for vitreous detachment and/or the terrible visual disturbances associated with the process? Backstory- I’m a 37 yr old female with pretty bad myopia (have worn glasses/contacts since age 5). I noticed dark veil/shadow and blurred vision in one eye. Dr told me vitreous detachment or PVD and waiting on complete detachment. Within three weeks of that diagnosis, I’m having same symptoms in right eye and I suspect it’s another partial detachment starting. My vision is AWFUL- full of floaters, sparkling floaters, shadows. I have three young children and find it hard to just live day to day with my vision as is. Doctor says there’s nothing I can do. Is this true?

Why do our eyelids feel heavy when tired?

Are there adenosine receptors in the eyes/eyelids? Does adenosine play a role in promoting our eyelids to close to go to sleep? Why do our eyelids feel very heavy when we are tired? Thank you! -Isaac Collier

Lung expansion / breathing device + Frans de Wall primatologist as a Guest of HL

Good morning Andrew, As you can easily guess from my early bird subscription, I am a fan and grateful of your work. I was wondering if you could help out in sorting out if breathing / lung expansion capacity devices had any science backed data. Furthermore, I would suggest that you host Frans de Wall, expert in the fascinating world of primatology.