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Auto Immune disorders and mental health

Can an autoimmune disorder be induced by stress?


Curious on a protocol for gaining muscle, fat loss, overall health. Few things here. Fasting after a certain length of time has shown to have a spike in growth hormone. With that spike what would be the best way to pair that GH increase with Mentzers 1 set HIT workouts which are usually 72 hours apart? Next is the rumor that 1lb of fat is 3,500 calories and if you take someone’s daily caloric maintenance level let’s say 2,000 calories and then have them fast 24 hours. I’m assuming at this point the body starts using the fat for its energy source. This combined with working out and cold exposure should in theory shred some fat and put on some muscle right?

Do genes play a part in personality traits?

Can parental personality traits pass on to a child even though they are absent from the child's life from an early age?

ADHD in children

Should you still treat ADHD in children with drugs, if it's brought about by the parents' behaviours and ADHD, which impacts the child?

Optimal Amount of Intermittent Dopamine Stacking + Caffeine on Empty

Is there an optimal irregularity for dopamine stacking behaviors? The stack I am thinking about is coffee, working out, and then post-workout meal. Is there a certain frequency that becomes too dependent for stacking such behaviors? ( such as 50%, 75%, 90% etc) As well, I have heard Andrew promote the added benefits of taking caffeine on empty due to the effects being more potent on an empty stomach. Are there any negatives to the gut lining or too much cortisol if it is taken black on an empty stomach? (given that one is drinking water too)