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Activating youth rebellion

You mentioned in a recent podcast the most effective strategy to get youth to quit smoking was to activate their rebellion. I would be really interested in seeing the examples or any studies on this. A web search gives me plenty of quit smoking programs, but nothing like that. I'm curious if the foundation of that success is in the youth taking control of something, thinking that rebellion is the rejection of being controlled. This line of thinking may inform some discussions I'll be having around our local addictions crisis.

Leisure Sickness

Hello! After getting sick every long weekend/end of term for nine months in a row, I decided to do some Googling to see if anyone else had the same problem and stumbled across Leisure Sickness. It seems to be considered pseudoscience and I only found a couple of papers on the topic (with very few or zero citations), but it describes what is happening to me so aptly. What do you know about leisure sickness, and what do you think might be the causes of it? Do you think it's likely that periods of acute stress at work, followed suddenly by a period of rest, is causing some hormonal changes that affect immune function? I know you have an episode on adrenaline and cortisol...could there be a link between those two and leisure sickness? I do know that I am constantly hypervigilant at work as an elementary school teacher, and I wonder if all that stress is belatedly kicking me in the butt every month when I can finally rest. Thank you for your time!

Hot tub versus sauna

Would a hot tub potentially be as good as or better than a sauna? It would be analogous to a cold shower compared to a cold dip. Hot tubs would also have the benefit of being more available to most people.

How Can Neuroscience-Informed Techniques Improve Discipline and Motivation in Parenting?

Could you enlighten us on how parents might leverage the principles of dopamine and other neurochemical processes to balance the aspects of instilling discipline, rectifying unwanted behaviors, and inspiring an inherent drive in children to tackle challenging tasks, such as chores or potty training? Specifically, I'm interested in how we can create a balance where the emphasis is not solely on rewards, but also on the inherent value of effort and personal growth. Given the potential risk of over-reliance on external validation possibly inhibiting self-regulation or even causing imbalances in their dopamine reward system, are there practical techniques parents could adopt? How can we guide our children's behavior, correct undesirable actions, and foster a mindset that values effort and sees it as its own reward, while also ensuring a balanced approach to praise and healthy neurochemical functioning?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Anavar: Safety concerns .

Andrew I have had some Highschool athletes use the supplement Anavar from Hi-Tech Phamaceuticals. The bottle states that it is a “control release, natural steroidal, anabolic agent.” Personally speaking , I find the product frightening . Is it safe? Is it a “steroid”? I want to tell the kids to stop taking the product but I’m having trouble finding any research on the product and it’s ingredients.