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Wastewater Recycling

Are there any studies of the negative affects on human health from ingesting, by drinking or through the skin from showering or bathing in, recycled waste water? Thank you sharing your interest and research in science.

Body Memory for Weight Management

I heard that after losing weight our body will want to take us back to our heaviest weight. Is this true or can we be reprogrammed?

Long-term Daily Benzodiazepine Use

Is there consensus or even a "leaning-toward" on the effects of long-term benzodiazepine daily use? Are all/some effects dose dependent? Are all effects "permanent" or do they attenuate upon titration and cessation of use? Does it depend on which (there are several forms marketed as RCs so I'm not sure if it's only reasonable to make conclusions on approved forms or if their mechanism is enough to draw inferences about effects). I'm most interested in the neural effects of long-term use but am interested if there is data on other systems, even if it's informed conjecture.

Future podcast artificial intelligence and neuroscience

Beautiful evening in May 2023 I would like to get a better understanding with the advent of artificial intelligence and the marriage of the brain neuroscience my two favorite topics so could you feature this author and her book title The Battle for Your Brain: Defending the Right to Think Freel. y in the Age of Neurotechnology Hardcover – March 14, 2023 This would be a wonderful podcast in my opinion on the brain neuroscience neural circuitry and artificial intelligence to better understand the connection. Sorry for the repeating of the NBC YouTube video hopefully you'll be able to access it thank you

Lack of sleep and no sleep schedule

My schedule for the next year is going to be a little rough. Currently Tuesday through Saturday I work 6pm-6am, on those days I’m only able to get about 3.5 hours of sleep, I have little ones at home while my wife is at school during the day. I sleep when she gets home. Sunday morning once I get home I get a full 8 hours of sleep. My problem is once Sunday night comes around I’m still tired so I fall asleep again till about 7am. Which kind of helps a little with the schedule because Monday and Tuesday I’m back on day shift with my dad cap on. I generally eat pretty well, take vitamin d, multivitamin, zma and fish oil. We have a gym at work so I workout on my lunch about 3 days. Honestly I feel like crap 75% of the time, is there anything I can do or take to make it a little easier to push through these days? At this point I’m open to anything. Thank you for taking time to read this I understand you’re busy. Have a good day 😁