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How Can Neuroscience-Informed Techniques Improve Discipline and Motivation in Parenting?

Could you enlighten us on how parents might leverage the principles of dopamine and other neurochemical processes to balance the aspects of instilling discipline, rectifying unwanted behaviors, and inspiring an inherent drive in children to tackle challenging tasks, such as chores or potty training? Specifically, I'm interested in how we can create a balance where the emphasis is not solely on rewards, but also on the inherent value of effort and personal growth. Given the potential risk of over-reliance on external validation possibly inhibiting self-regulation or even causing imbalances in their dopamine reward system, are there practical techniques parents could adopt? How can we guide our children's behavior, correct undesirable actions, and foster a mindset that values effort and sees it as its own reward, while also ensuring a balanced approach to praise and healthy neurochemical functioning?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Anavar: Safety concerns .

Andrew I have had some Highschool athletes use the supplement Anavar from Hi-Tech Phamaceuticals. The bottle states that it is a “control release, natural steroidal, anabolic agent.” Personally speaking , I find the product frightening . Is it safe? Is it a “steroid”? I want to tell the kids to stop taking the product but I’m having trouble finding any research on the product and it’s ingredients.

Wastewater Recycling

Are there any studies of the negative affects on human health from ingesting, by drinking or through the skin from showering or bathing in, recycled waste water? Thank you sharing your interest and research in science.

Body Memory for Weight Management

I heard that after losing weight our body will want to take us back to our heaviest weight. Is this true or can we be reprogrammed?

Long-term Daily Benzodiazepine Use

Is there consensus or even a "leaning-toward" on the effects of long-term benzodiazepine daily use? Are all/some effects dose dependent? Are all effects "permanent" or do they attenuate upon titration and cessation of use? Does it depend on which (there are several forms marketed as RCs so I'm not sure if it's only reasonable to make conclusions on approved forms or if their mechanism is enough to draw inferences about effects). I'm most interested in the neural effects of long-term use but am interested if there is data on other systems, even if it's informed conjecture.