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What are the different forms of fatigue, the circuits involved and the best ways to recover?

Summarizing your episodes

Hi Andrew. Love your approach. Of my favorite podcasters (Peter, Rhonda, Zoe, Aviva Romm, Sinclair, Sam,) you are the only one who knows how to listen to your subject without interrupting. Very hard to do when you are excited about the topic and have a lot of knowledge to contribute. But this brings out their expertise in a way that is skillful. So thanks! Have you ever consider summarizing the episode at the end (or beginning like Rhonda does sometimes)? These long episodes tend to go in many directions and for learning it is useful to have a review, summary, recap, etc. Thanks for the consideration.


Thoughts on treatments, low fodmap diets, and root causes? I am recently diagnosed despite minor but annoying symptoms. My thought is many have this and don’t know, I had to seek out functional medicine to get my the diagnosis. Thanks for all you do- never miss a Monday!

ASD and different pathways for improving and recovery

Dr Huberman , first of all thanks for your dedication for simplifying science subjects , and coverage with the latest research/update , specially on neurology . Very much appreciated. You have covered almost many areas of neuroscience , except ASD. As you know now ASD kids ratio is less than 1:36 , which was 1:1000 10 years back. I see many physicians and medical practitioners are also struggling for the right treatment of their own kids having ASD, so it seems there is very little knowledge available . My questions on ASD are : 1) What are the patterns based on root causes of ASD 2) What are the pathways for improving ASD and recovery partially if not fully 3) ABA session , enough sleep , exercise and food are important and should be continued for improving. What else can be done based on the pathways ? Many others have also asked for an episode on ASD in the AMA forum before me, I need the understanding or latest knowledge on the subject , will appreciate the subject can be podcasted soon. Many Thanks again,

Covid consipricy theories

Would love it if you could disassemble, unpack and comment on the validity of this: