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Interested in the phenomenon of paranoia and its relationship to (eg) not being able to read social cues.

OCD and Pathological Demand Avoidance

Wondering about these Dx and other subsets of ASD (autism spectrum disorder); whether there are protocols, exercises, new treatments for compulsive disorders.

Ayn Rand books and Mike Mentzer.

Not sure if this is a place to ask this kind of question(sorry if not). Just heard the podcast with Peter Attia, where you mention training with Mike Mentzer, and him giving you Ayn Rand books. It looked like you were about to say something more about it but the topic changed. Could you please tell your opinion on her/ her books? if they meant anything to you? Thank you

Could learning disabilities be caused by a neurological dysfunction?

At 39, I was found to be learning disabled in rote memory and the speed at which I read. 3rd and 4th percentile, respectively. Despite that, I also have 94th percentile reading comprehension. Much of our cognitive functioning seems to be an assemblage of discrete systems. Hypothetically, could my disabilities be neurological, epigenetic, and, therefore, possibly repairable? Perhaps stimulating those centers and facilitating the brain to enervate new, much more efficient pathways? Could there be a correctable neurological basis for cognitive disabilities? Not enhancing, but simply correcting damage?

Increasing Gaba-ergic tone.

For those that suspect they may have low Gaba signaling, what can you recommend for increasing Gaba-ergic tone?