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Can we get a segment that discusses using low dose methylene blue please? What is it useful for? Is it actually useful? How much? Precautions? etc?... Thank you for all you do!

Time of day to start a fast

I recently had to prep for a procedure and fast for 24 hours. I decided that since I had to fast for this procedure that I might as well try to go 48 hours. I started at noon on Wednesday and finished at noon on Friday. My question is Does the time of day to start and end a fast change any biological or physiological benefit that is had by doing a fast? (Note: I’m thinking about doing the 72 hour fast once a month that I heard with your interview with Peter Attia). I have done 14 hour intermittent fasting for a year now. Thank you!

Active Recall

Do you have any thoughts on or protocols for active recall?

Error Making Protocols

How do you get more comfortable with drift and how do you know when it’s too much?

Have you considered grassroots fundraing

Hi Dr. Huberman - Firstly, that you for giving voice to the love of Biology. Resonates! Albeit quite differently but no need to discuss that. Secondly, your discussion with Peter Attia about your upbringing hit home. Tonight I immediately took action to become a Founding Lifetime Member. That’s a step forward…and begets my Suject line question. How can we brainstorm on doing some fun, health/fitness type fundraising challenge at a grassroots level. I just completed the MS-150 bike ride (was the 73rd highest fundraiser in N Texas) with - sheepishly admitting - a half arsed effort. It’s just the beginning of a brainstorm, so I decided to push myself and reach out. I don’t even know if anyone will read this. I’m feeling a bit silly, but what the heck, right!? I am an enthusiastic follower of your work. Best, Tacey