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Hello, Dr. Huberman, I am an avid follower of your podcast and voraciously consume the invaluable information which you and your esteemed colleagues present weekly. As a physician, teacher, and consummate critical thinker, it is rare for me to find such authoritative and scientifically sound lectures and practical applications from one source. Thanks. Enough with the well deserved accolades. Query: I am taking AG per your( and Dr. Sinclair's) recommendation. I take that in the morning, without food, as recommended. After that I take NMN and Resveratrol( capsules). I would like to add Novos core to my regimen( again backed by Sinclair). Novos is ideally consumed with a small quantity of a " good" fat. I thought of waiting 15-20 minutes after consuming AG then having a modicum of greek yogurt, then consuming my NMN, Resveratrol and Novos core shortly thereafter. However, I still attempt to be NPO every morning( per the fasting protocol you and Dr. Sinclair recommend). Thus my quandry, How can I take the Reveratrol and NMN as recommended with some food and still stay in the mini fast mode until lunch? There's the rub. What say you good Dr. ? Thanks again. I Look forward to more episodes on longevity, aerobic and weight training and ameliorating or at least attenuating cognitive decline. Carpe diem, Dr. Mike

Protocols with Aging

Do recommendations and protocols you give change with age (beyond 60)?

Brain Endurance Training

I am curious about your thoughts on brain endurance training. I have some research if you would please check it out. Thanks! Terry

Can you clarify why you're confident that AG1 is helpful? My dietician friends are giving me a hard time for it being all hype.

Specifically, I've gotten pushback because there aren't studies on the ability of the body to absorb this stuff effectively and they say its easy to get the same thing via just eating 'real food'. Can you point me to some studies that you think would be helpful in rationalizing AG1?

When will you do an episode on migraine treatments?

I have several friends that suffer from chronic migraines and seem to have trouble finding effective treatment.