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Task switching and new tasks.

Is there any way to get better at task switching? And also is there any way to reduce the resistance to get into a new/ previously unfamiliar task?

Zone 2

Is exercising for 45 minutes in zone 2 the best way to lose weight?


What, why, and how to treat?

How can I log in?

How can I log in ? I can not put a password or even choose one

Sunlight in the AM through a Window?

hey Andrew I live in a high rise condo building. My unit faces East, so I can pretty easily face the sun. My question is, for early morning AM sun, does it matter if I'm inside or outside? I have tons of large windows and my entire condo fills up with natural light. In your podcasts, you've never explicitly said that the light coming through windows is bad or good, so just wanted some clarity there. Thanks!