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prolonged podcast focus

How you manage to not zone out even for a second during podcasts? How do you maintain concentration for long periods of time? Do you take any supplements such as alpha glycolic acid or some form of nicotine to help with the focus?

Noradrenaline diminished yet Dopamine Increase

A few years back I suffered severe anxiety for 18 months. My tests showed that I had a higher than average amount of dopamine, yet my noradrenaline was diminished. I would like to understand why that could be and til today when I am stressed, my body seems to feel like it has electricity running through it and the only thing I can do is either put pressure in my body or just simply shake myself around. I would appreciate it if I could have some help with understanding what is actually happening on a physiological state as well as a phscological one


Hi Dr. Huberman, thank you for amazing teaching! Can you please share the science behind tattoo safety, risks in future, side effects? Also, sauna and tattoo. Thanks so much!! Anna


Would you please make a parenting podcast in the future?

"Athletic Supplements"

Could you please look into doing an episode regarding PED use in sports and discuss PEDs like AAS, GH, Peptides, EPOs, SARMS, SERMS and etc. With a guest like Derek from moreplatesmoredates perhaps?