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DIY Self-Tracking HowTo

Are there practices or tools available to track behaviors, nutrition levels, or indicators to get an empirical confirmation to the actions we are taking to get better cognitive/physical function?

Post Styloidectomy Surgery

My oldest son Garrett Leonard is a professional baseball player who was misdiagnosed for three years after being struck in the next in 2000.. he had a styloidectomy due to severe impingement of jugular, vegus nerve and artery in March 2023 and it has been mostly positive since. However, he is experiencing what he describes as a feeling of brain swelling on various occasions since. I was wondering if you have any thoughts as to the cause of this and if you have any suggested things he may try? Thank You, John Leonard

Highly sensitive people

Hey Huberman Lab Team, I am Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), and for me, it has been a little problematic. Apparently 20% of people fall into this category Yet, there's so little out there on how HSPs can navigate everyday life, manage their sensitivity, and how friends and family can understand and support them. Perhaps you could give us some life hacks, reasons of why this happens, what's going on in the brain, if it's possible to control it...etc. I'd love you to chat about this on your show! It would be really helpful Cheers !

Circumcision for Newborn Question

Hello Dr Huberman, My wife and I are planning to have children and the topic of circumcision came up. My wife believes that we should circumsize the baby when they are born, but I believe the opposite. What is your professional opinion on circumcision? Thank you, Sammy Alghalibi

why do emotions make us cry

I am curious as to why I tear up when I am very happy or sad, and why I cry or even get congested and a runny nose when I'm really upset. Thank you.