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Histamine and ADHD, DAO

Is there a link between histamine intolerance and ADHD? What about medicines - antihistamines and stimulants - how do they impact cognitive performance? DAO & ADHD.

When in fear, does screaming release endorphins ?

I have recently read in a book about love that screaming when in a fearful situation can release endorphins and help us cope with the daunting situation. I have read that skydiving instructors suggest screaming to the people who dive for the first time. Does screaming in this situation relieve the stress created from risk of death ?


May I be allowed to translate into Arabic and summarize some of the podcasts?

How to eat around the holidays, birthdays, special events

I have a very social life and I'm the kind of person that if I eat a Cookie or cake I've "ruined" the day / maybe even "week". I've lost 40 lbs being religious about my eating window. But I have not being "cheating". I'm afraid if I cheat I'm doomed. Brain?

Creatine + Garlic?

Creatine + Garlic? Should Creatine be taken with Garlic and are either of those or together bad for Kidneys? My eGFR (Crea,CKD-EPI) is around 80 ml/min/1,73m2, but should be over 90 (Europe), this is why I assume, that my kidneys are not fully functional, but not sure how to check my kidney health in more detail.