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Sleep (deprivation) and motherhood

As a new mom, I’m struggling with bad nights and lots of sleep interruptions, sometimes brief, but sometimes reaching 1 to 3 hours. Seeing that it’s a sort of long term status, are there any protocols or studies on how to minimize the impact of poor sleep on health in this particular phase of life? Thank you

Dihydromyricetin to counteract effects of alcohol

I was wondering if you could provide more information into the studies of dihydromyricetin supplementation to counteract the negative effects of alcohol.

School Toolkit Episode

Imagine going back in time and starting school again. How would you learn, get good grades, and develop as a person based on the scientific literature? Would you stack protocols, use supplements early on, or follow a specific routine? Furthermore, what is the ideal balance between parents letting their teens figure out learning for themselves and parents teaching and guiding them through the learning process?

Exertion Migraines

How can I prevent exertion migraines after a workout and are there any long term affects if continuing exercise knowing that a migraine will follow? Backstory: I am age 37 and I have been doing CrossFit for almost 8 years. This didn’t become an issue until about 4 years ago, but 1-2 hours after a CrossFit workout I get a migraine aura with blurred vision for 20-30 minutes, sometimes followed with tingling lips, numb fingers, and a headache. These migraines also effect my cognitive function with effects often lingering for day(s) which feels like brain fog and slowed motor function. This is frustrating because exercise is good for my body, but seemingly doing harm to my brain… as weird as that may sound. Even after a light run or brisk walk I feel the negative effects on cognition. The only thing that has helped in recent months is taking a prescribed NSAID (Indomethacin) by my primary doctor 45 min prior to a workout and that usually prevents the migraine after exercise. Other life changing events consist of increased stress at work, responsibilities in raising a family, weight gain, mild sleep apnea (as a sleep study suggests) to name a few. I have to believe these things go hand in hand with this developing problem of migraines but what used to be a source of fitness now seems to be a detriment and I find it difficult to lose weight and correct these issues. I will listen to other resources available on migraines that I’ve found here as part of my new premium membership but wondering if anything is covered on exertion migraines specifically. Thank you!!

Borderline Personality Disorder

In your episode dealing with Bipolar Disorder, you stated you would be doing an episode about Borderline Personality Disorder. As someone who has had to deal with this disorder for the majority of my life, I would like to know about any protocols which might help me navigate it and establish, and more importantly maintain, healthy relationships. I am twice divorced and my BPD, in conjunction with my active addiction at the time (I'm now almost 15 years clean and sober) was a major factor for them. Until I learn to better manage my BPD (yes I am in therapy), I choose not to get involved with anyone for fear of inadvertently hurting them and myself emotionally. Thanks