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Therapies to reduce atherosclerosis?

Are any therapies (behavior, meds, supplements) proven to reduce atherosclerosis? Or is it a one-way, downhill slide? Thank you for your informative and insightful health information!

Episode to explore contradictions among all HLP guests

Could you do an episode where you address the contradictions or differing approaches among your guests? (Maybe Adam Grant can join you to moderate…)

PPPD/Vestibular Migraine

Is there a link between dizziness/light sensitivity whilst driving and eye to brain processing issues? If so, can you please explain how this occurs and if & how its healed. Its been suggested that I have Vestibular Migraine/PPPD. Thanks so much! Louise Neumann (Aussie living in Germany)

Supplements to support or improve mitochondria

I have recently been hearing some of the longevity experts talk about supplements such as Mitopure (Urolithin A molecule) to repair and enhance cellular health, in particular mitochondria. They seem to be very expensive, and I wonder if there is enough science to justify including it in a longevity protocol. The marketing claims to increase muscular strength, energy and endurance.

Aptitude Operating System: A Unique Opportunity or a Psyop Cover-up?

I recently saw your podcast discussion about human potential, and understanding the topic of comprehensive personal development systems came up. I'm currently developing a very unique personal development project structured around aptitude that spans various domains such as cognition, fitness, health, sensory, emotions, and social interaction into a unified framework. While existing systems focus on those specific aspects of personal development individually, very few offer a truly comprehensive and integrated framework that encompasses all dimensions of human potential. I'm seeing an untapped market, and a unique opportunity to fill a gap in the personal development landscape. But who am I right.. I guess I'm just looking for some sort of confirmation that I may be onto something I tend to doubt myself sometimes. I feel as if I'm doing society a favor but due to the nature of my project, and how little such a concept has been pursued. I feel like I may be uncovering a psyop. I'm sure the last thing the government wants is a bunch of acutely self aware metaphorical titans running around, but do you think such a concept has value in terms of personal growth that is worth pursuing? traditionally this information i brought together was dispersed as a fragmented whole.