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Suggestion for a guest :-)

I wanted to see if you would consider getting Joseph Goldstein on your Podcast, I think he has so much valuable mindfulness content that would compliment what you have given so far. Thanks so much for all you do, Sarah.

writing by hand

Hello, annyeong haseyo, from South Korea. I hope you're all doing well. I'm really excited to be part of this AMA;it's one of my big challenges. I recall reading an article suggesting that writing by hand may enhance brain connectivity more effectively than typing on a keyboard. This led me to ponder the potential benefits of practicing with both hands to improve cognitive abilities. Could individuals who use both hands potentially experience greater brain connectivity compared to those who predominantly use just one hand? If using both hands does indeed result in superior brain connectivity, should we consider training our non-dominant hand to potentially enhance cognitive function? Furthermore, the article prompted me to contemplate the effects of transcribing with my non-dominant hand, even though I am right-handed. I've been experimenting with transcribing English books to improve my skills, as I've heard that learning a new language helps keep the brain sharp, particularly as we age. Therefore, I'm curious about the potential additional benefits for my brain if I were to try transcribing with my left hand. Thank you for your time and expertise. I hope that all makes sense as an English learner.

Non medicinal methods for decreasing depression

I've valued your research based ideas for decreasing depression and anxiety. I'm making a list for my psych patients of things to try that don't include pharma prescriptions. I joined here to increase my chances of getting a great list.

Omega-3 and oxidative stress theory

Some bloggers start hyping the topic of omega-3, claiming that you can only use omega-3 at the same time as taking antioxidants - vitamin E, vitamin C, and citrus bioflavonoids. They explain this by the fact that otherwise omega-3, on the contrary, triggers the processes of oxidative stress in the body, and taking omega-3 without antioxidants is "very harmful", suppresses immunity, and so on. I have not found the slightest confirmation of this theory in the medical literature on pubmed. Also, I know that all good manufacturers already add some natural vitamin E to their omega-3 supplements to prevent them from oxidizing. Could you please comment on this theory, because it is very annoying that bloggers with a medical background push such things to the masses for the sake of hype.

Spirit/Soul location

I will admit in advanced, this maybe too theological/philosophical of a question for this particular space, however I am interested in any research being conducted, or has been conducted, in this question... We can isolate the physiological parts and systems in our body that are responsible for their given actions/purpose. When it comes to our spirit, our soul, I want to know where that resides within each of us. Is it in the empty space in quantum atoms? When does it originate? Is there even a measurable way to study/test these questions? I am deeply spiritual, but struggle with the ability to understand it. Maybe that comes from my desire to know, or control. Not quite sure. But it seems (my personal observations only) that we all have this innate knowing that each person's essence/spirit/soul exists but we don't know how to seek to understand in a measurable way (outside of religion/theology/etc.), or fear it, or submit to the awareness that we cannot "know" and that's what maybe makes it more beautiful - faith. Thank you for reading my question. Hope to hear that there are scientist seeking answers to these questions. However, I would understand we may not have to tools or ability to do so in a measurable way at this time. Thank you for all you and your team at Huberman Lab do!