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Requesting explanation you said would follow: Deviated Septum

At 27:55 in How to Breathe Correctly for Optimal Health, Mood, Learning & Performance you stated: "A little bit later, we'll talk about how to repair a deviated septum without surgery. That actually is possible in many, if not all cases and is immensely beneficial to do." But there does not appear to be a followup. Can you please provide details? Link to episode: Many others are seeking this:

Unlocking Fluent Expression: Navigating the Brain’s Pathways for Clearer Communication

In impromptu conversations, I find it challenging to articulate my thoughts clearly and succinctly, often taking too long to reach my point. This issue persists regardless of my multilingual background, leading me to wonder, 1. Are there cognitive or neurological insights into how individuals can better organise and express their thoughts spontaneously? 2. Does linguistic background influence how we structure our thoughts and, if so, how can we leverage this understanding to improve verbal articulation? 3. Can you suggest any exercises or strategies that could enhance clarity and efficiency in communication?

Are sauna and steamroom equally beneficial?

Are there any studies showing if the benefits of heat exposure are the same from sauna and steamroom?

Mushroom coffee

What are your thoughts on mushroom coffee? Any brand recommendations?

Suggestion to manage creatine induced GI distress

Any tips or solution to help with GI distress issues caused to certain percentage of people by the monohydrate form of creatine? Also is there any evidence the HCL form of creatine is better than monohydrate to prevent GI discomfort?