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Hughlings Jackson

Deja vu induced seizures. At 9yr-12yr I had several of these. I have too many questions for her but podcast?

Thirst/Sufficient water intake - What is the underlying trigger?

To give an explanation for my question: My husband and I tend to "forget" to drink, especially on busy days and then need to catch up later in the day. Which, I would suggest, also happens to other people. But it is far worse with our two kids, who are 6 and 8 years old. Since about 3 years I need to take extra care of their daily water intake, otherwise they simply wouldn´t drink. To the extend that kid A started to fake laughing to hide that he needed to clear his throat, because it was so dry. And kid B starts getting headache and dark circles around the eyes. At that point they still do not drink without me pressuring them to. It has become a bit better since I implemented a habit tracker for both of them to drink at least 4x 200 ml per day (they do not hit that goal every day). As long as they are at home a lot, it´s at least controllable. But it becomes an issue when there are several consecutive days being at their friend´s homes for example. So back to my question: Is there a underlying trigger for thirst/water intake? How can sufficient water intake get disrupted? And are there maybe conditions for which this issue is common for? Thank you in advance, Carina


What is the latest on the link between anticholinergic drugs and cognitive decline/dementia? How can you know which drugs and supplements are anticholinergic? There seems to be misinformation about mirtazapine, for example with different sources saying no anticholinergic effect, mild effect and strong effect!

Covid and cardiac symptoms

There seem to be quite robust anecdotal reports in Australia of a wave of patients admitted to cardiac wards who were previously healthy, but who then had covid vaccines, then Covid and then antivirals. What is the best current information in the US/world?

Methylene Blue yay or nay?

It's been trending on Twitter since last year. There are two very influential camps: CAMP 1 = health experts and coaches who say it's one of the best supplements you can take (for vitality, health and cognition) CAMP 2 = health experts and coaches who think it's dangerous Please unpack this for us all. Doing so will meaningfully impact A LOT of lives (one way or the other).