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Women and Credibility

Hello, I wonder if you might highlight women who do what you do to help them gain credibility. I am not a person who gets all bothered about men making more than women, etc. However, I have noticed as a mental health professional, that when women say the same information as a man, they are often dismissed as too radical, emotional, or not credible. It makes it very hard for me to make a change in the way the average mental health provider delivers therapy in their offices, and because I have so many clients coming to me after years of working with another therapist only to see no change; I am passionate about changing the dominate paradigm that Universities and training programs are creating in the millions of therapy offices across the nation.


Hello I am a 39yr old female who recently found out that i have severe pulmonary hypertension with severely elevated pulmonary artery pressure of 79mmHg. I am wondering if you have any insight on ways to reverse this condition and our ways to make it manageable to live a normal life. I have an infrared sauna and cold plunge and also wonder how to safely incorporate that into my daily routine. I was a very active mountain biker and hope to get back to that but not sure as I cant really do anything but rest at the moment. I have past drug and alcohol use and am not sure if that is the cause but I recently got married and I'm not ready to give up. There doesn't seem to be a lot of positive information out there but any insight or knowledge you have could help and its worth a try. Thank you so much

Tin Man vs Lots Wife fluoride

In your research on fluoride, did you find any definitive data comparing stannous fluoride vs sodium fluoride, in particular for tooth paste?

Exercise Intolerance! PLEASE HELP!!!

I'm fatigued chronically but I love to exercise because I desperately need it both physically and mentally. On days that I'm less fatigued, I embark on a 45 to 60 minute exercise that can involve jogging, strength training, weight lifting, biking, swimming, etc. If there is any kind of intensity to my exercise I have a severe post-work out crash! This includes hot flashes (feeling very hot/warm in the head and forehead area), severe fatigue to the point that I have to lay down for couple of hours and sometimes even flu-like symptoms. I've been able to get rid of the hot flashes by drinking a lot of water during and after work out along with some electrolytes. However, the severe fatigue episodes (crashes) remain no matter how much I hydrate. Is there a protocol that I can follow to cut down on these debilitating episodes after my workouts??? This would change my life. Your attention is much appreciated!

Five Second Rule

Is there any science behind the "five second rule" (food okay to eat if it doesn't stay on ground for longer than 5 seconds)?