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Static stretching downsides and stretch-induced force loss

I saw a paper in Springer ( talking about downsides of static stretching. I asked Scholar GPT to summarize some of the research: “Yes, stretch-induced force loss is a recognized phenomenon in muscle physiology. It refers to the reduction in maximal force production by muscles following an elongation or stretching. This can happen without sarcomere disruption, indicating that the mechanisms behind force loss are not solely due to structural damage but may also involve changes at the molecular or cellular levels in the muscle tissue. Studies have explored various aspects of this phenomenon, including the effects of inhibiting cross-bridge cycling, the protective role of specific proteins in eccentric contractions, and strategies to mitigate force loss after stretching.” Thoughts on this? Do you stretch or do yoga, or do you find it to be problematic?

Growth mindset isn’t scientifically proven

Turns out that personality traits and intelligence is much greater predictior of success. Numerous studies showed that growth mindset have very very minimal effects on productivity and performance.

Skin Care Routine

What is an optimal skincare routine? How do I Identify different forms of acne and treatment? How can I accelerate wound healing? What is the reason behind why picking pimples is addictive and how to break the cycle? Best diet for clear skin?

What causes a sudden vision improvement in only one eye , like from -6.00 to -4.00 in siz months, I am age 52 and don't have diabetes.

I have been nearsighted since age 7, my vision has been slowly getting worse over time and pretty steady really, hovering around -5.50 in each eye for the last 10 years. I did start wearing multi-focal contacts that also correct my Presbyopia about three years ago. I was having trouble with distance vision not much after my last eye exam in July '23 and went in Feb '24 to get another exam and was told my left eye went from -6.0 to -4.0 in that time. Reading vision stayed the same. The other eye went from -5.5 to -5.25. Both eyes look healthy to my optometrist. I I may have a pituitary tumor just due to central hypothyroidism I am dealing with and a few other odd abnormalities,, like dumping sugar and severe reactive hypoglycemia when I eat sugar or carbs in the am hours..which is why I really just don't eat much sugar anymore (since around 2020) and watch my cards in the am as well, and never eat carbs alone, so my A1C is around 4.9 each time it is checked, about twice a year. So, I don't see how diabetes could be a cause.. I do work with a Functional patterns practitioner and have been for about six months, and folks say they have seen quick vision improvement doing this.. And I have started some ADHD drugs in the past six months due to a formal diagnosis I had done to deal with some issues that have become unsurmountable recently that I knew the ADHD was contributing to and felt it was wise to deal with. Thanks for any help you can give, my Dr,'s are stumped and I just am a little concerned since macular degeneration does run in my family.

Why does your nearsightedness improve dramatically when the Dr. is shining a bright light into your eye during the exam??

Why does your nearsightedness improve dramatically when the Dr. is shining a bright light into your eye during the exam?? I noticed this at my last exam and told the Dr and she just said that normally folks have the opposite response. But for me, the letters got MUCH clearer when she shined the light in my eyes.