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The Talent Code

Dr. Huberman, I am a performing pianist and vocalist and was searching for books on practice for my students and ran across The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle Truly enjoyed reading it and I would like your opinion on it, and also wondered if you might have him as a guest on your podcast. I so enjoy listening to you every day! Thank you for all you do! Beth Dean

Deeper dive into gut health

Specifically for those who have been diagnosed with issues such as Crohn’s disease, SIBO, C Diff. Have been diagnosed with Crohn’s and SIBO and am taking medicine for the crohn’s which is successfully reducing inflammation. My biggest struggle is figuring out what to eat…

Healing the brain to prevent dementia / alzheimer's disease

The research that was presented during your podcast with Dr. Chris Palmer was fascinating & so exciting! I am specifically curious about the possibility of healing the brain to prevent dementia / alzheimer's disease. I hope more research will be dedicated to the protocols Dr. Chris Palmer spoke about. With America's aging population, a culture that embraces alcohol and so many people with sleep / insomnia problems, it's alarming to learn of the risks to brain health caused by alcohol use & poor sleep! Re: Healing the brain after longterm alcohol abuse: 1. What can be done to heal the brain of an individual who has abused alcohol for many, many years? What are the limitations? Has longitudinal research been done to track the brain health of people who no longer use/abuse alcohol? 2. If the individual has had several long stretches of time (of at least several years) when they did not drink, or drank very rarely, is it possible that this persons brain was able to heal during these intermittent times of abstaining from alcohol? ( For example, the person was a binge drinker in their 20s, then abstained for several years, then drank too much for the next 5 years, and again. abstained for 5 years, then drank heavily for the next 10 years. ) Re: Healing the brain of damaging proteins: 3. Will you please speak more about the potential of using a fasting / ketogenic diet to heal & rid the brain of damaged proteins? Links to research? 4. Does thIs healing process occur only during deep sleep? & is the healing process adversely affected by ones inability to sleep straight through the night, waking & struggling to go back to sleep? How to optimize the brains ability to heal? 5. Will an MRI, or other test, reveal if there is a build up of damaging proteins for someone who is in their 40s or 50s? (Ideally, they would be able to heal this using a ketogenic diet, or through some other means). Thank you so much!

Karbolyn carb powder

Have you ever taken or looked into karbolyn carb powder? The claims I’ve seen say that it can be absorbed quickly like a sugar but also has the ability to maintain blood sugar levels like a complex carbohydrate. Are the studies on this legit or just a marketing tactic?

Science around E-Meters in Scientology

Huge fan! Question about Scientology and their E-meter. It's "an instrument that measures the strength of a small electrical current that passes through the body of the person undergoing auditing. According to church teachings, E-meter readings (a right to left scale) indicates changes in emotional states that allow the identification of stored engrams (pictures of past events)." Is there any scientific fact around the "engrams" acting as resistance to the electric current? To be it sounds crazy, but I have family involved. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!