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Apple Cider Vinegar side effects

I have been using apple cider vinegar daily for a while about half an hour before eating for its touted health benefits, but recently stopped as it has been interfering with my digestion. Since stopping, I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous during the day, and feel like I have a sugar-rush after eating. Could there be a connection between no longer taking it and the symptoms I am experiencing. I am concerned so any helpful advice would be appreciated.

Interview with Dr Mike Israetel - great human being!

Hi Dr Huberman, Thank you for your work and everything you are doing. I hope somehow I can get through the millions of AMA questions but I was wondering if you could interview with Dr Mike Israetel. Also, I am not sure if you have seen this video but I cannot seem to imagine this happened as this is not the first one I've seen on social regarding an interview with this person (people in the comments say it's a joke but idk):


How to manage poly cystic ovarian syndrome working overnight 70+ hours a week. Best practices for sleep and hormonal optimization?

Social Anxiety

What are the ways that people can improve their social anxiety? Are there studies for specific protocols like mediation, visualization methods, etc.? How might social anxiety differ from gerneralized anxiety? What are the long term effects of SSRI use for social anxiety?


My diagnosis at Stanford is that I’m definitely not schizophrenic but I just have a weird way of thinking that makes me feel bad. Do you think I could be slightly Autistic?