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Energy drinks and liver damage

Are there any studies that confirm a correlation between daily consumption of energy drinks and liver damage? If so, what's in them that is damaging the liver?

Augmenting learning with short games/movie segments coupled with Huberman's routines

Can you add short games and movie segments throughout work day in addition to the Huberman routines to generate neurotransmitters, adrenalin various outcomes in neurobiology - focus, quicker learning, etc that would make you perform at your best at school/work? chatgpt:Here are the four adrenaline-pumping movie scenes: Zombieland: The zombie amusement park fight in the climax. Saving Private Ryan: The intense Omaha Beach landing scene. John Wick: The Red Club massacre with gun-fu action. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: The epic Ride of the Rohirrim charge into battle. here are games that also boost and generate dopamine and andrenalin: Dead Space: Battle mutated zombies aboard a spaceship. Doom Eternal: Fight demons from hell in intense combat. Resident Evil 7 VR: Explore a derelict mansion in VR. Alien Isolation: Navigate a space station, avoiding xenomorphs. Dying Light: Parkour, scavenge, and fight zombies. i worked at Dreambox (creative math program for kids) and despite the some of the managers not wanting to do it (they found it silly), I and others convinced to add 20-30 second games after 2 or 3 completed lessons (it was random so the kids didn't know after what lesson they would get to play the game). what we saw was a desire to play that 30 second game increased their focus and desire to learn the material and pass it... when we usability tested it in some schools we had to literally pry it the laptop out of their hands because they were focused on playing that one 30 second game and then continue with the lessons after that game so they can play another game... It seems like you could also add restricted "time-boxed" periods of games and scenes from TV and movies to also augment Huberman daily routine to make learning / focus and any other goals to optimize performance in school and work. Has anyone researched topics like this? thanks for all the podcasts - as i listen to each one i find a different pattern I did 40 years ago that helped me learn quicker. for example after 3 classes we would play for 20 minute intense basketball and then do the same after 5th period. after school we would either compete in soccer, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, chess, tournaments in the school. German Middle / High School in Istanbul was a private school that chose 90 kids each year who could recognize patterns and solve puzzles in a 2 hour test after 5th grade. Listening to you almost feels like the German scientists from the 1930/40s who escaped Germany to Istanbul and influenced the school's education knew a lot about neuroscience :)

Apigenin, Estrogen & Sleep

How much does apigenin lower estrogen? Should one be concerned with estrogen levels if taking apigenin each night before bed?


There are so many supplements are any of them worth taking or dangerous? Zeolite, activated charcoal, milk thistle, glutathione…

Joovv redlight and circadian rhythm

Quick question. Does it start the circadian rhythm? I'm using it early in the morning and look into the light without protectiv glases.