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Sugar avoidance when you're sick and honey health benefit

I've heard from my friend that sugar is a very bad idea (even fructose) - argument he has given was that sugar, when you're sick, is a bad idea and "you should avoid it like a plague". He mentioned that a lot of a research that's out there that advocate sugar usage for health reasons was sponsored by American bodies associated with sugar production. I would argue, that maybe in a broader context some moderate sugar might be okay (like kiwi has a lot of vitamin in it). Also with honey I'm curious as well, since I've heard about its anti-bacterial properties, but I've heard that its effects get destroyed by stomach acid, so I don't know what to believe in anymore.

Tongkat Ali

Dr Huberman, Which brand of Tongkat Ali have you tried and know works? There are so many brands hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Please advise. Thank you Russell

fasting and exercise

Is it ok to have a pre-workout when I am fasting? How long can I wait to get protein, collagen, and creatinine after a workout? I exercise at 6:00 AM, my last meal was at 5 pm the night before, and I would like to fast until 10 am. I am confused.

Can long term cold exposure can be bad and stress too much the body?

Hello, First, I am a huge fan of your content and hope you will continue deliver this precious information without being censor. Regarding cold exposure, I have heard some people telling that long term cold exposure (specifically very cold exposure around 30 Fahrenheit) is not that good for the body and stresses it at a point that the body under constant thermic stress will respond and get older as a consequence. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve personally haven’t found any research on this neither much literature. Thank you

Intolerance to milk protein

How does intolerance to milk protein occur in children? What are the symptoms? Can it be prevented that intolerance develops into an allergy?