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Combined Nutrition, Meds and Supplements Tracker App

I take a few meds and 28 other supplements. Is there a good, combined nutrition, meds and supplements tracker app? I see some that allow you to add meds and vitamins but is there one that scans it all and can warn me if I am getting, for example, too much niacin (I take 1.5 grams daily). My functional med doc is great and keeps an eye on things in general, but I like to experiment. Can you recommend an app? I don't want to discover that adding the VShred supps combined with my daily dose of Yerba Matte tea is going to cause my left leg to fall off (just joking of course)? And last but not least, thank you again! I have bad DNA and I had a heart attack four years ago. I have 3 stents on the right side and a calcium score of 3000 on the left side of my 67 year old heart, and I do dumb labor for a living. So I just wanted to say thanks again before I expire. To the extent that the days keep adding up, you have played a very helpful role!

Accutane effect on brain

Does Accutane genuinely impair cognitive function, and if so, is this effect temporary or does it persist after discontinuation?

How do you sleep at night with your dishonesty?

Holotropic Breathing

Andrew, like millions of listeners, love what you're doing. Regarding cyclic breathing, I recently read an interesting article in the New York Times on Holotropic Breathing. Though similar to Wim Hof's method it has significant differences and the technique can have profound results including altered states and comparisons to psychedelics. I would love it if you did a show on it or as part of a show.

Betterhelp & Brainspotting

As a therapist, please, please, please on behalf of all therapists in the country, please stop supporting Betterhelp. They are a terrible company and exploit therapist and sell client information. There are lawsuits. I was crushed when I heard an ad and decided I had to say something. They bring down the value of every therapist to essentially compensating therapists $22.50 for 45 minute sessions. They are not a mental health company but an unethical tech company prying on vulnerable people and overcharging them on top of that. Those people are making money but I hope they lose it in the lawsuits!! Also, very interested in thoughts about brainspotting and as someone mentioned, possibly bringing on David Grand to discuss it and/or a trauma therapist to discuss how trauma is held in the body and how it is healed through brainspotting and how it ties into what you know about the eyes and brain :)