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Resveratrol Dosage

I have good results with Resveratrol. What would be your dosage recommendations?

Borderline Personality, Bipolar and OCD Disorders

Curious about these but there isnt much out there for borderline personality disorders and the research on bipolar has grown immensely even in the diagnosis of the types or characteristics - even though it has expanded do those have a the same root cause or genetic disposition which makes it more likely to occur and environment essentially more responsible for how parts manifest? Like OCD or how ADHD was ADD and vice versa. Hope that makes sense :)

BioMarker Testing

With marketing aside, have you made a choice for the best biomarker platform for detailed overall health? I am not concerned with cost, rather the most comprehensive and actionable responses for supplementation, medical follow up and activity? Thank you for any insight you may have. Michi


Do you have any suggestions to help with this due to severe depression and stress?

What are the root causes of increasing violence in society? Are there any neuroscience explanations?